Our Mission

Our garden herbs are grown in a sustainable way. This results in not only the tastiest but also the strongest plants that, with a little love, survive in your garden.

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Sustainably farmed

We grow quality plants that you can enjoy for a long time with as little impact on our planet as possible.

delicious taste

Delicious taste

We are constantly experimenting to improve our products and cultivation techniques. Because love goes through the stomach.

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Open & transparent

We say what we do and do what we say. That is what we stand for. And that is simply how we like to work.

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herbachef family activity

Family activity

Our second generation company has an area of 18 hectares, of which 14 hectares are greenhouses in which to grow the plants. Originally, we grew 100% azaleas, but over the last 10 years we have expanded our range and now also grow herbs and rhododendron.


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natural protectors

Natural protectors

In order to prevent diseases and pests, we use natural protectors such as natural enemies (insects) and strengthening natural foodstuffs. This is how we keep everything organic!

circular water use

Circular water use

The water used in cultivation is collected and of course cleaned with a sand filter. This way, nothing goes to waste and our plants always have sufficient and good water.

energy efficient

Economical with energy

Our herbs are cold-grown, but that doesn't mean we don't need energy. So we also choose responsible energy supplies. For example, our solar panels produce an average of 75 kW per day.

inventive packaging

Inventive packaging

A pot for every plant. But not just any pot, of course. Our packaging is produced from 100% recycled material and can be 100% recycled.

& healthy

"Our focus on sustainability has earned us two certificates of which we are quite proud.
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Food safety, sustainability and quality: the GlobalGAP certificate demonstrates that we comply with the strict global requirements for hygiene, water quality and temperature and humidity in the greenhouses.

BIO label icon

BIO label

We comply with the very strict standards of organic farming. All our herbs are grown without pesticides, chemical or artificial fertilisers. A guarantee of quality on your plate.

Andesch Flower

Something is blooming here! Andesch Flower specialises in growing azalea bushes and azaleas on stems. We have held an MPS certificate for more than 15 years, which is recognition of our focus on sustainable cultivation and quality.

My Home is my Castle

The evergreen and abundantly flowering rhododendron plant is available in many colours. You will find our rhododendrons in the shop under the consumer label 'My Home is my Castle'.

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